Valentines Day Hairstyles For Hair Loss

Valentines Day Hairstyles For Hair Loss

"Why am I suffering from hair loss? I'm not in my forties,"

According to a poll of males who have hair loss, 62% believe it has an impact on their self-esteem. Furthermore, 43 % were concerned about "losing a key aspect of personal beauty." Hair loss in women may be much more upsetting. Especially in a culture where baldness in women is not as accepted as it is in males.

There are several inventive ways to disguise bald spots; from concealers to sprays, there are treatments for every stage of losing hair.

Whether you want to conceal any minor thinning or more extensive bald spots, the following are some of the best cosmetic alternatives for making your hair appear fuller.

As Valentines day approaches here are 3 ways you can hairstyle your hair looking fuller!  


Hair-building fibers are primarily intended for those with thinning hair, and they operate by physically connecting to hair follicles, therefore some hair is required for it to be successful. It's as simple to use as any other hair product—just shake, spray, style, and go.

Other hair-thickening fibers, on the other hand, are derived from animal nails or bones, or are made of cotton or plant material, and do not cause the same static (or appear as natural) as SureThik.

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The fibers are available in nine different colors that may be blended to match practically any hair color. The keratin-based powder physically binds to hair follicles, and static attraction maintains it firmly attached to the scalp. They will not get on your pillow or clothing during the day, nor will they fall on your face during application.

Furthermore, they are impervious to moisture, wind, and even rain. Some people claim to wear them to the gym, but we wouldn't encourage it if you intend on sweating heavily. Some people use hair-building fibers to cover over their present hair color with a different tint.

SureThik Hair-Building Fibers can be left in situ for up to two days until shampooed or washed away. The fibers stay in place overnight, requiring just minor touch-ups in the morning. A 15g bottle will last around 30 days if used every day, and a 30g bottle would last about 60 days.

hair loss concealer - hair fibers



If you don't like slathering makeup on your head, another simple cosmetic approach to conceal bald areas is to use what is effectively spray paint on your scalp. These are often marketed as treatments that hide gray areas temporarily. These are available in a variety of colors to complement your hair. As a result, it is a more customizable alternative than mineral powder. These are also designed to endure throughout the day.

Simply spray it in the areas where your hair is thinning. You'll want to whack the scalp as hard as possible. This will add color to the scalp, making the bald spots more visible overall. Joico Tint Shot In seconds, it camouflages grey grow-out and dark roots, as well as any visible thinning.

Why may this work: 

  • Conceal regrowth in an instant.
  • It dries quickly and stays on all day.
  • Resistant to moisture/humidity
  • Paraben-free


tint shot



Another common method for concealing bald patches that is comparable to mineral makeup is to use a basic eye shadow. powder shadow comes in smaller pots, this is a wonderful method for little bald patches at the front of the hair that require some light filling in. root cover up shadow comes in every hue conceivable, this is also a great approach to get a color that matches your hair more precisely. WOW Root Cover Powder conceals grey, conceals dark roots, and prolong highlights without the use of peroxide.
Unlike root cover-up sprays, which are messy to apply, root cover-up sprays are precise.
Never use products that are stiff, sticky, or waxy, such as mascara or crayons.
Here's how to conceal bald areas using eye shadow:

  • Makeup brushes with firm, short bristles should be used.
  • Apply the eye shadow with a brush, softly painting it on in streaks.
  • With your finger, blend out the color.
  • It is one of the simplest ways to conceal bald areas using cosmetics.


wow root cover up

Thinning hair and sparse spots can be caused by a variety of factors, including a receding hairline or male/female pattern baldness, as well as thinned-out regions caused by alopecia and long-term weave use in women. SureThik Hair-Building Fibers are a fantastic alternative if you've been dealing with these concerns for a long time.

Using hair-building fibers is a more practical and cost-effective alternative to the everyday combination of several hair products you use to bring out your crowning splendor.

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