Celebrity Makeup Artist JoAnn Solomon Recommends SureThik as a Tip for Alopecia

Celebrity Makeup Artist JoAnn Solomon Recommends SureThik as a Tip for Alopecia

Meet JoAnn Solomon, the reigning queen of celebrity makeup artistry and a beauty expert in the bustling city of New York. Her makeup brushes have graced the faces of A-list celebrities like Beyonce Knowles, and her talent for transforming the ordinary into extraordinary is unparalleled. But JoAnn's expertise doesn't stop at makeup; she's also a wizard when it comes to tackling hair-related challenges, including the confidence-crushing alopecia areata. With a flick of her makeup brush and a sprinkle of SureThik magic, JoAnn has restored confidence to countless individuals battling alopecia areata.

In a world where hair is often dubbed our crowning glory, dealing with alopecia areata can feel like a never-ending battle. But fear not! We've discovered a game-changing secret from the dazzling world of NYC celebrity makeup artist JoAnn Solomon. Get ready to unleash your inner hair diva as we dive into JoAnn's brilliant recommendation: SureThik Hair Fibers. In this blog, we'll explore how SureThik Hair Fibers can help individuals regain confidence by providing a simple yet effective solution for thicker-looking hair.

The color range of hair fibers

SureThik Hair Fibers: Her Secret Sauce

When it comes to combating hair loss, finding effective solutions can be a game-changer. Recently featured on Health Central, JoAnn shared her secret weapon for concealing alopecia areata: SureThik Hair Fibers.

SureThik Hair Fiber stands out among hair-thickening products with its unique formulation and approach. Made from natural keratin fibers, these microscopic strands have a static charge that enables them to cling to the scalp. As a result, SureThik Hair Fibers creates the appearance of thicker, fuller hair instantly. It is a versatile solution suitable for various forms of hair loss, including alopecia areata.

Why is SureThik an Innovative Solution?

Hair loss, especially due to conditions like alopecia areata, can have a significant impact on self-esteem. SureThik Hair Fibers serves as an invaluable tool in restoring confidence by effectively concealing thinning areas or bald patches. The natural keratin fibers in SureThik create a seamless blend with existing hair, giving the illusion of thicker and fuller locks. This newfound thickness can help individuals feel more comfortable, confident, and empowered in their appearance. The versatility of SureThik Hair Fiber is particularly beneficial for individuals with alopecia areata, as it offers a practical, less expensive, and non-invasive solution. Whether facing a special occasion, a professional setting, or simply seeking an everyday confidence boost, SureThik Hair Fiber provides a quick and reliable remedy.SureThik Hair Fibers


How to Use SureThik Hair Fibers?

To achieve optimal results, start by preparing the hair by ensuring it is clean and dry. Then, follow these simple steps to apply SureThik Hair Fibers:

1. Choose the appropriate shade: SureThik Hair Fiber is available in 8 shades to match various hair colors. Select the shade that closely matches your hair root color for a seamless blend. The best results are achieved by matching your exact shade, or a shade that is slightly darker than your natural hair color. You want to match your base or root color. If you are in between shades, go with the darker one. You can also mix colors to make a custom shade. Natural Red Heads are a little tricky – The color auburn is best for people who dye their hair red or have more of a vibrant red color. If your hair is a natural red, medium brown or light brown is sometimes better. Grey hair is also a little tricky – if your hair is a light grey all over the grey fibers should work well. If your hair is dark grey, it’s best to go with a darker shade like dark brown.

2. Choose the Application Method: Shake or Spray: SureThik Hair fibers can be applied by simply shaking the fibers over your thinning areas like a salt and pepper shaker or can be sprayed by attaching the SureThik Gravity-Fed patented Applicator, which gives a more precise and even coverage.how to use hair fibers

What is SureThik Gravity-Fed Patented Applicator?

Unlike other hair fiber applicators, the SureThik applicator uses a PATENTED gravity-based design to feed the fibers into the spray chamber. This allows the fibers to dispense more evenly and gives a consistent flow of fibers all the way until the bottle is completely empty.  To attach, simply remove the cap and the sifter from the fiber bottle, and twist on the applicator to lock it in place. Then choose which nozzle you want, and twist on the nozzle to lock it in place. Remove the plug, turn the bottle upside down, and squeeze the sides of the applicator (bulb). The harder you press the more fibers will disperse.

3. Apply to dry hair: To shake, simply hold the bottle at a slight angle and lightly sprinkle SureThik Hair Fiber onto the areas where you desire more volume or coverage. Start with small amounts and gradually build up to achieve the desired thickness. To Spray, rotate the bottle upside down after attaching the applicator and press the rubber pump to dispense fibers. Use the Hairline Tool to achieve a natural-looking hairline.

4. Blend and style: Gently pat the applied fibers with your fingertips or a light brush to disperse them evenly and create a natural look. You can then style your hair as desired using a gentle comb or your fingertips.

5. Set it with the Fiber Holding Spray: To ensure a long-lasting hold, use the SureThik Fiber Holding Spray. The key feature lies in its unique formulation, carefully crafted to address the specific needs of fine hair. The absence of alcohol ensures that the hair retains its moisture and natural oils, preventing dryness and damage. Instead, this lightweight and non-sticky spray contains a blend of nourishing ingredients that help provide shine and a long-lasting volume and hold. When used after hair fibers, it provides a stronger bond for the fibers to attach to the scalp and locks them in place. The spray also adds great shine to the matte hair fibers, making them appear healthier and lustrous. To use, Hold the spray bottle 8-10 inches away from your hair and mist it evenly over the treated areas. This helps to lock the fibers in place, even in challenging conditions such as wind or humidity.

JoAnn Solomon's Expert Tip: Spray Form for Better Control

JoAnn Solomon recommends using SureThik Hair Fibers in the spray form. Compared to the shake-on powder, she finds the spray offers better control and precision during application. By starting with a light application and gradually building up the coverage, individuals can customize the amount of SureThik Hair Fiber to achieve the desired thickness and natural look. Once the coverage is set, the Fiber Holding Spray ensures a long-lasting hold that is resistant to wind and sweat.

SureThik Hair Confidence Boost

Regain Control of Your Confidence!

JoAnn Solomon's recommendation of SureThik Hair Fiber signifies the product's effectiveness and transformative potential. By incorporating SureThik Hair Fiber into your routine, you unlock the power to enhance your natural beauty and regain control over your appearance. The fibers are safe for daily use, are water, sweat, and wind resistant and will remain intact until you shampoo your hair, providing confidence and peace of mind throughout the day.

In the journey to overcome hair loss, SureThik Hair Fiber has emerged as a trusted ally, with celebrity makeup artists also championing its effectiveness. With its unique formulation of 100% natural keratin fibers, SureThik Hair Fiber offers a simple yet powerful solution for concealing alopecia areata and other forms of hair loss. By following JoAnn Solomon's expert advice and incorporating SureThik Hair Fiber into your beauty routine, you can unlock the transformative power of thicker-looking hair. Say goodbye to the insecurities associated with hair loss and embrace a renewed sense of confidence.

Remember, SureThik Hair Fiber is just one aspect of the journey toward self-acceptance and empowerment. It is essential to consult with healthcare professionals for comprehensive guidance on managing hair loss conditions like alopecia areata.

With SureThik Hair Fiber, you can regain control over your appearance and confidently face the world. Let JoAnn Solomon's recommendation be your guiding light in discovering the benefits of SureThik Hair Fiber—a reliable solution that helps you look and feel your best, every day. To read the original article referenced in the blog, click here. 


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